Heron Conference on Reactive Intermediates & Unusual Molecules


Delegates should be at Gladstone marina in time for the ferry transfer to Heron Island in the morning of July 6 no later than 9 am. The catamaran departs at 9:30 am. The conference starts at 3 pm. It finishes in the morning of July 2, when the catamaran returns to Gladstone just after lunch for arrival netween 3 and 4 pm. Catching flights before 5 pm may be possible but cannot be guaranteed. Normally, there are courtesy buses from the airport to the marina and back. There are several good, convenient and low cost hotels/motels in Gladstone close to the marina. Secure parking at Gladstone marina can be arranged via Compleat Angler (07 4972 7283).

As soon as possible, please provide details of your incoming and outgoing flights or other means of transport to Gladstone (dates, times and flight numbers) and names and ages of all passengers in your party, if not already provided. Send this information to wentrup@uq.edu.au as soon as available, but no later than 6 May 2025.

Helicopter transporation may be possible.
Delegates wanting helicopter or possibly seaplane transfer should contact wentrup@uq.edu.au asap.

The catamaran is the normal means of transportation and it costs $170 return per person