Heron Conference on Reactive Intermediates & Unusual Molecules

To be put on the mailing list and/or to request a place, contact either Curt Wentrup or Craig Williams. 

To register, send email to wentrup@uq.edu.au and pay the applicable registration fees - see Payment page. 

Registrations and cancellations will be accepted after 1 April 2022 in exceptional cases.

State the type of contribution: Invited paper (only if invited) or Contributed oral paper (if invited)

Go to Accommodation, select your accommodation and work out the cost (and note increased registration cost after 31 December 2021 and after 1 April 2022).

Make payment.

Send email to wentrup@uq.edu.au stating what you are booking and giving details of the payment.

Remember to give full names of all people and ages of all children too (as at 2 July 2022).

Thank you

Abstracts, in docx format,  are required no later than 1 April 2022 (1 A4 page, doc format, including the speaker's email address, displayed scheme or graphic, and recent key reference(s)).

Also please remember to provide details of your incoming and outgoing flights or other means of transportation to Gladstone (dates, times and flight numbers) and names and ages of all passengers in your party, if not already provided.